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April 2014


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Russian occupants violate Georgian monument in Abkhazia

18.11.10 20:25

Cupola of 11th-century Georgian church has been replaced with a Russian one. In the village of Ilori in Georgia`s occupied region Abkhazia, Russian occupants have painted over the church`s all facade and part of its interior with white paint for purpose of erasing the Georgian trace there.

The Eastern side of the church, where inscriptions in Georgian alphabet were engraved, has been completely plastered. Air conditioners have been installed on teh church. Unique frescos are facing danger as well.

Russians have deployed their tanks and military equipment outside the main sacred place of prayer of noblemen from Georgia`s historic provinces - Samegrelo and Abkhazia.

The Church of St. George of Ilori is a Medieval Georgian Orthodox Church in the village of Ilori, Abkhazia, Georgia. The Church was built in the first quarter of the 11th century, AD, and represents one of the most important sites of western Georgian architecture. It is also considered to have been one of the more significant religious locations of medieval western Georgia. The building has a single-nave design. During its long history, the Church underwent several important architectural modifications and was repaired by Levan II Dadiani in the 17th century, only to be burnt down by Ottoman Turks in 1736. The building was eventually restored again in the latter half of the same century.

The holy rites were conducted in the church even in the Soviet period and were halted only after occupation of the territory of Abkhazia in the 90ties.

Tbilisi intends to send special address to international organizations working on protection of antique works and monuments due to the violation of the Church of St. George of Ilori. The Georgian side urges UNESCO for immediate response to the actions of Russian occupants.

Along with the Church of St. George of Ilori, a number of Georgian architectural monuments remain unprotected in occupied Abkhazia. 1100 Georgian architectural monuments in total are located in the region.

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PM rules out cabinet reshuffle

23.04.14 10:54

Prime Minister of Georgia has ruled out any change in the Cabinet of Ministers - Irakli Gharibashvili commented on the reports about possible dismissal of some of the ministers, saying it was the speculations organized by the United National Movement.More...

PM instructs Minister of Culture to settle controversy on Sakdrisi deposit

23.04.14 11:08

Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili has commented about the controversy around the Sakdrisi gold deposit and instructed the Minister of Culture to settle this dispute effectively as soon as possible.More...

President to participate in EP 5th anniversary summit

23.04.14 11:20

President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili will participate in the summit dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership. The summit will be opened tomorrow and last for the next two days. More...

Awarding Ceremony of 31st Battalion

23.04.14 14:18

An award ceremony for the military servicemen of the 31st Battalion was held on the camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. Chief of General Staff of GAF, Major-General Vakhtang Kapanadze rewarded Georgian military participating in ISAF international mission with the service medals of Defence Ministry.More...

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Prime Minister`s new initiative

23.04.14 14:03

Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili has voiced a new initiative on making manufacturing an obligatory subject of the curriculum at Georgia`s public schools. The strategic document entitled Create your Future has been prepared by the Ministry of Education under the instruction by the Prime Minister.More...

Foreign Ministers of three countries to visit Georgia

23.04.14 11:46

Foreign Ministers of France, Germany and Malta will arrive in Georgia today and hold meetings with the Georgian Prime Minister, parliament chairperson and foreign minister. More...

President`s meeting with the head of NATO Liaison Office in Georgia

22.04.14 16:56

The President of Georgia has held meeting with the Head of the NATO Liaison Office in Georgia, NATO/PFP Liaison Officer in South Caucasus, Mr.William Lahue. The parties discussed Georgia`s prospects for NATO integration, also the regional security issues amid the crisis in Ukraine. More...

Georgian Dream political council met with Prime Minister

22.04.14 16:41

Prime Minister of Georgia today chaired the meeting of the political council of the Georgian Dream ruling coalition. The meeting was attended by the majority MPs and the members of the cabinet and it was dedicated to the discussion of the upcoming local clip 

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