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April 2014


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Saakashvili awards Vatslav Havel with St. Giorgi order

10.10.11 18:22

Democracy and the Rule of Law - President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili opened the conference organized by the Vatslav Havel Foundation in Prague today. President delivered a speech at the Forum 2000, reviewing Georgia`s foreign policy, global processes and the reforms conducted by the government of Georgia in recent years.

Before his speech, Mikheil Saakashvili awarded ex-president of the Czech Republic Vatslav Havel with the Order of Saint Giorgi. The ceremony was held at the Embassy of Georgia in Prague. Mikheil Saakashvili spoke about the role of Mr. Havel in the process of reinforcing democracy and thanked him for his policy conducted after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

`We are all sons of Vatslav Havel. For anybody who grew on the other side of the iron curtain and dreaming about freedom or democracy, activist and reformist leaders, are over the world and especially in our region, I think his name resonates more than anything else. The end of Soviet Union was not the end of history; it was the beginning of history for all of us. Thanks to you and many other Vatslav, we were allowed to leave the cold museum,` Saakashvili said.

In his turn, Mr. Havel thanked Georgian president for the order of Saint Giorgi.
`Every time I attend such events, I ask myself, do we deserve such honor and such orders? I was in Georgia 44 years ago. As the president, I travelled to many countries, but Georgia is still in my heart. I hope that Georgia will restore its historic borders without bloodshed and Georgia, as the part of Europe, will become the member of the European Union,` Vatslav Havel said.


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Charter of Journalists Conduct and Ombudsman release statements

16.04.14 10:02

The members of the Journalists Charter of Conduct and the Public Defender of Georgia have released separate statements following the detention of a Georgian TV crew of three reporters in the village of Advzi and call ...More...

Russian MFA accuses Georgian TV crew of provocation

16.04.14 14:03

Russia`s Foreign Ministry has accused the Georgian TV crew, which was arrested by the occupants in the village of Adzvi yesterday, of provocation. The statement released on the ministry website says that the journalists crossed the line between the Georgian and Ossetian settlement to shoot the video of the "border" infrastructure.More...

Police solves crime committed at TSU central building

16.04.14 11:07

Police have solved the crime that occurred on Chavchavadze Avenue outside the first building of the Tbilisi State University. The officers have arrested a 21 year-old man, who is accused of deliberately inflicting less grave injury. More...

Two inmates of Tskhinvali prison gave a call to Rustavi2

16.04.14 12:26

Two persons gave a telephone call to Rustavi2 this morning reporting the situation in the Tskhinvali prison. They said they were among those seven Georgians, who were arrested by the occupants with different charges. More...

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Police arrest six persons for money extortion

16.04.14 11:59

The officers of the Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have arrested six persons with the charges of money extortion in group. The special operations were simultaneously conducted in Tbilisi and Batumi.More...

Zurab Abashidze to meet with Grigori Kasasin

16.04.14 10:27

The detention of the Georgian TV crew in the village of Adzvi will be one of the topical issues discussed at the meeting between the Georgian Prime Minister`s special representative for relations with Russia and the Russian deputy minister of foreign clip 

77 year-old man from Sakorintlo village is still missing

15.04.14 14:22

The whereabouts of a 77 year-old Giorgi Ananiashvili, who is from the Gori region`s village of Sakorintlo, is still unknown. The old man has been missing since Friday. The family members say he went out of home five days ago and is still missing. clip 

PM addresses the Conference dedicated to the development of sports

15.04.14 12:35

Government of Georgia has a long-term and systematic vision to the direction of sports development - the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili said in his speech at the conference dedicated to the sports development. clip 

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