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August 2014


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Saakashvili awards Vatslav Havel with St. Giorgi order

10.10.11 18:22

Democracy and the Rule of Law - President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili opened the conference organized by the Vatslav Havel Foundation in Prague today. President delivered a speech at the Forum 2000, reviewing Georgia`s foreign policy, global processes and the reforms conducted by the government of Georgia in recent years.

Before his speech, Mikheil Saakashvili awarded ex-president of the Czech Republic Vatslav Havel with the Order of Saint Giorgi. The ceremony was held at the Embassy of Georgia in Prague. Mikheil Saakashvili spoke about the role of Mr. Havel in the process of reinforcing democracy and thanked him for his policy conducted after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

`We are all sons of Vatslav Havel. For anybody who grew on the other side of the iron curtain and dreaming about freedom or democracy, activist and reformist leaders, are over the world and especially in our region, I think his name resonates more than anything else. The end of Soviet Union was not the end of history; it was the beginning of history for all of us. Thanks to you and many other Vatslav, we were allowed to leave the cold museum,` Saakashvili said.

In his turn, Mr. Havel thanked Georgian president for the order of Saint Giorgi.
`Every time I attend such events, I ask myself, do we deserve such honor and such orders? I was in Georgia 44 years ago. As the president, I travelled to many countries, but Georgia is still in my heart. I hope that Georgia will restore its historic borders without bloodshed and Georgia, as the part of Europe, will become the member of the European Union,` Vatslav Havel said.


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Health Minister leaves for Ukraine

27.08.14 10:01

The group of Georgian doctors led by the Minister of Health and Social Care, Davit Sergeenko has left for Ukraine to provide assistance to their Ukrainian colleagues in treating the people ...More...

NATO to discuss deployment of its forces in the East of Europe

27.08.14 10:57

NATO will discuss the plan for deploying its forces for the first time in the East of Europe at the upcoming summit in Cardiff next week.More...

Telavi City Assembly MP beaten up

27.08.14 11:13

The member of the Telavi City Assembly has been beaten up - the incident occurred in the central part of the city. Reportedly, the member of the United Opposition faction of the assembly, Nika Vardoshvili had an argument with the manager of the Hotel Old Telavi. More...

Missing Georgian found in a tunnel in Dariali Gorge

27.08.14 12:39

The body of the Georgian national, who had been missing since the disaster in Georgia`s remote region of Kazbegi, Dariali Gorge, was found today. The rescue officers of the Emergencies Department of the Interior Ministry found the body after a few days` search in the tunnel of the Darial Hydro Electric Power Plant. More...

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Special commission concludes probing into Lapankuri special operation

27.08.14 12:10

The public commission set specially to probe into the legality of the conduct of the Lapankuri anti-crime operation, has concluded its work. The preliminary report says that the persons, who participated in the conduct of the operation...More...

Poroshenko meets Putin in Minsk

26.08.14 17:42

Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko shook hands as talks between the Eurasian Customs Union, EU and Ukraine began in Minsk. Along with the bilateral meetings, Putin and Poroshenko may hold one-to-one meeting within the Summit.More...

Turkish media reports new details in double terror attack investigation

26.08.14 17:05

The new details have emerged in the investigation of the terror attack on Israeli embassy that occurred in Delhi on February 13, 2012 and the other attempt of the terror attack in Tbilisi, which was prevented by Georgian police in time.More...

Tbilisi City Hall suspends 31 infrastructure projects

26.08.14 15:15

The Tbilisi City Hall has suspended thirty-one infrastructure projects in the capital. These projects, including the rehabilitation of the railway bridge in Temka district, had to be launched under the tenders already conducted in the mayor`s office. clip 

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