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April 2014


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Saakashvili considers free trade negotiations step made forward

12.12.11 20:42

Georgian President commented today on signing the launch of negotiations on a deep and comprehensive free trade agreement of EU with Georgia. Mikheil Saakashvili discussed the issue at the Security Council meeting.

The president in his speech stressed the European leaders` open support and attitudes expressed towards Georgia in the recent period.

"Today in Brussels, the launch of negotiations on EU-Georgia free trade agreement was finally signed. This is a very significant political stage for our country. I think it would take to us certain period of time - months and maybe even years, but not so long for the free trade. This gives investors opportunity to open here a lot of plants, employ a lot of people. Regardless of the problems existing at the European market, Europe is a very attractive alternative for our country. Therefore, this is a big step made forward", he said.

The president added with launching the negotiations, the EU said that Georgia has carried out correct reforms. Saakashvili also hopes the negotiations on visa free travel to start in spring 2012.

"The main thing that happened this year is the psychological turn of Europe towards Georgia. When we unfurled the EU flag in 2004, some people laughed at us, some found it unbelievable, they thought that were fantasies. We want to build the European democracy in Georgia. In those times we did not even dream that Georgia would be able to enter the EU, the Europeans said then that Geographically this country was not Europe, that it was completely other development, other space, other area of influence", the president said.

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ROYAL PHILIPS representative met with Georgian Prime Minister

22.04.14 11:52

The Dutch company ROYAL PHILIPS will open the regional service-center in Georgia - the chief executive director of the company has been hosted by the Georgian Prime Minister to discuss the plans of the company for Georgia. clip 

PM met with businessmen from Belgium

17.04.14 13:58

The delegation of Belgian businessmen is visiting Georgia. Today, the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili met with the first persons of the biggest business companies of Belgium. clip 

Minister sreject allegations of opponents on suspended infrastructure projects

10.04.14 14:03

The members of the government have denied the allegations of the United National Movement on suspension of infrastructure projects. Ministers of Economics and Infrastructure, Giorgi Kvirikashvili and Davit Narmania have accused the opponents clip 

PM hosts delegation from Qatar

01.04.14 12:07

The representatives of 20 leading companies, members of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, expressed their wish to invest in various projects in Georgia. clip 

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PM addresses WCO European Administrations

17.03.14 11:18

Georgia is hosting the conference of the Europe`s Regional customs administrations of the World Customs Organizations. The conference is attended by the representatives of 52 states. Prime Minister of Georgia opened the conference and addressed the participants. clip 

Georgian PM sums up visit to US

13.03.14 20:10

Georgian PM Irakli Gharibashvili summed up his recent visit to the U.S. at the meeting with students at Tbilisi State University today. clip 

Desperately looking for competent personnel: PM Gharibashvili

13.03.14 19:09

Reforming public agencies remains a priority for the country and replacing incompetent officials with professionals is planned to take place gradually, - Georgian PM said. clip 

Georgian government to provide financial assistance for having 3 kids

11.03.14 18:07

The Georgian government intends to provide financial assistance for parents having three kids, the office of the prime-minister of Georgia reports. clip 

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