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27 injured in balsts in Ukraine

27.04.12 20:54

Four blasts rocked an eastern Ukrainian city on Friday, injuring 27 people, including 9 teenagers, in what authorities believed was a militant attack.

Top law enforcement officials rushed to Dnipropetrovsk, 400 kilometres (250 miles) southeast of Kiev, to investigate but there was no immediate claim of responsibility. 

The violence undermined Ukraine`s security just a little over a month before it co-hosts the European soccer championships in June.

Ukraine has not been afflicted with political terrorism but there have been previous explosions connected to criminal extortion.

The opposition party led by jailed former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, however, suggested that the government of President Viktor Yanukovych may have organised the blasts in order to deflect the world`s attention from Tymoshenko`s imprisonment and reported abuse in prison.

The president`s office declined to comment on the opposition charges.

The first of four explosions Friday in Dnipropetrovsk rocked a tram stop shortly before noon, injuring 13 people, said Emergency Situations Ministry spokeswoman Yulia Yershova. 

The bomb was planted in a garbage bin.

The second bomb, also planted in a garbage bin, went off about 40 minutes later near a movie theatre and a trade school, injuring two adults and nine teenagers. 

A third blast in the city centre wounded three people and a fourth, also downtown, caused no casualties. 

In a previous attack in January 2011, two pre-dawn explosions outside a coal mining company office and a shopping centre in the Ukrainian city of Makiyivka caused no casualties. 

Authorities then received letters demanding money in exchange for an end to the blasts. The perpetrators were arrested and sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

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Mayor`s assistant`s driver beaten up

11.08.14 10:55

The driver of Tbilisi mayor`s assistant has been beaten up, reportedly, by his colleagues. Zaza Gogoladze was hospitalized after the incident that occurred outside his place in the Varketili district last clip 

Group of extorters arrested

11.08.14 10:00

Police have arrested a group of extorters. Two of the four detainees are women. According to the investigation, the suspects used to obtain the material describing private life details of the citizens clip 

MP Gelashvili plans to demand redress of material damage

08.08.14 13:39

MP Valeri Gelashvili plans to file a complaint at the court and demand redress of material damage from the persons accused of taking of his businesses and assaulting him. Valeri Gelashvili arrived in Tbilisi from Lithuania yesterday. Gelashvili`s case is one of those criminal clip 

A Georgian man injured in a car accident in Turkey

07.08.14 11:50

A 28 year-old Georgian national was seriously injured in a road accident in Turkey`s city of Samsun yesterday - Turkish media has reported the details of the car crash. Reports say the man was driving from Italy through Turkey to Georgia; clip 

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Ten Georgian nationals injured in road accident in Turkey

07.08.14 10:16

Ten Georgian nationals have been injured in a road accident that occurred in the town of Rize, Turkey last night. Reportedly, the have serious injuries, but their health state is stable after treatment. An 11 month-old child was transferred to the clip 

Greek court postpones hearing on Akhalaia`s extradition

06.08.14 15:57

The Greek Court had to start the discussion of the issue on extraditing Data Akhalaia to the Georgian side - the former chief of the Constitutional Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, who was detained by the Greek police clip 

The Raphaliantsi family rallies at MIA

06.08.14 11:35

The family of Barbare Raphaliantsi, a 10 month-old baby-girl, who was found drowned in the Kvevri clay container of their wine cellar in September 2012, has rallied outside the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia today. They are objecting to the return of previous investigators in the case and the delay of the investigation in clip 

Greek Court to consider Akhalaia`s extradition

06.08.14 10:55

The Greek Court starts to discuss the issue of extradition of Data Akhalaia to the Georgian side - the former chief of the Constitutional Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, was detained by the Greek police in April 2014 when he was travelling to Italy with forged clip 

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