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27 injured in balsts in Ukraine

27.04.12 20:54

Four blasts rocked an eastern Ukrainian city on Friday, injuring 27 people, including 9 teenagers, in what authorities believed was a militant attack.

Top law enforcement officials rushed to Dnipropetrovsk, 400 kilometres (250 miles) southeast of Kiev, to investigate but there was no immediate claim of responsibility. 

The violence undermined Ukraine`s security just a little over a month before it co-hosts the European soccer championships in June.

Ukraine has not been afflicted with political terrorism but there have been previous explosions connected to criminal extortion.

The opposition party led by jailed former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, however, suggested that the government of President Viktor Yanukovych may have organised the blasts in order to deflect the world`s attention from Tymoshenko`s imprisonment and reported abuse in prison.

The president`s office declined to comment on the opposition charges.

The first of four explosions Friday in Dnipropetrovsk rocked a tram stop shortly before noon, injuring 13 people, said Emergency Situations Ministry spokeswoman Yulia Yershova. 

The bomb was planted in a garbage bin.

The second bomb, also planted in a garbage bin, went off about 40 minutes later near a movie theatre and a trade school, injuring two adults and nine teenagers. 

A third blast in the city centre wounded three people and a fourth, also downtown, caused no casualties. 

In a previous attack in January 2011, two pre-dawn explosions outside a coal mining company office and a shopping centre in the Ukrainian city of Makiyivka caused no casualties. 

Authorities then received letters demanding money in exchange for an end to the blasts. The perpetrators were arrested and sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

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Orbeti village inhabitants demand detention of murder suspect

09.09.14 14:27

The inhabitants of the village of Orbeti, Tetritskaro municipality, urge the police to arrest brothers Bekauris, accusing them of murdering another villager, Mikheil Tsiklauri. MP from the United National Movement, Pavle Kublashvili announced at the briefing today. More...

Police special operation conducted in Ponitchala district

09.09.14 14:24

Riot police units were mobilized in the Ponitchala district of Tbilisi today. The people living nearby have no idea who the police were chasing. Rustavi2 has obtained reports about the detention of a 30year-old man for drug crime. More...video clip 

Police arrest a young man in Kobuleti for gun crime

09.09.14 12:01

Adjara police officers have arrested a 25 year-old Avtandil Ts. for illegal purchase and keeping of arms. The detention operation was conducted in the Kobuleti town. The police raided the apartment of the temporary residence of the defendant...More...video clip 

MDF concerned about violation of human rights during police raids

09.09.14 11:29

The Media Development Fund has released a statement, in which they express their concerns regarding the detention of a person accompanying their journalist during the police raids two days ago. According to the media.ge journalist...More...

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Deputy Minister of Interior comments on police raids

08.09.14 14:56

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Levan Izoria has downplayed public concerns about the night raids in Tbilisi and the report on violation of human rights by officers. More...video clip 

Police seize illegal weapons

08.09.14 12:12

Police have arrested a 28 year-old man for illicit purchase and carrying of weapons. The police seized the Kalashnikov machine gun with cartridges along with other types of pistol guns after the search of his apartment. More...video clip 

Police raids cause public concerns

08.09.14 11:16

The police raids were followed with some incidents and detentions in Tbilisi. The interior ministry launched intensive police raids in Tbilisi streets as a preventive measure against the numerous murders and robberies in the city, which raised public concerns on growth of violence and deterioration of scales of crime.More...video clip 

Young man arrested for carrying firearms

05.09.14 13:39

The officers of Old Tbilisi police division as a result of investigative activities held on the basis of operative information detained Giorgi M. for illegal purchase and keeping and carrying of firearms at Tsurtsumia Street.More...video clip 

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