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Rerun polls of parliamentary elections held at Georgia`s 11 stations

14.10.12 18:08

Rerun polling of Parliamentary Elections 2012 through majoritarian system is being held at 11 election precincts of Georgia. In accordance with the legislation, election precincts opened at 08:00 and the polling will end at 20:00 p.m.

The rerun parliamentary elections are being held at 11 polling station of
three of Georgia`s majority constituencies in the Gori and Signagi districts and at nine polling stations in the Khashuri district.

The Georgian Central Elections Commission obliged these polling stations to hold rerun elections because of the violations reported from these stations at the October 1 national parliamentary elections. Back then, according to preliminary results, representatives of the former ruling party United National Movement were leading polls at these stations.

The situation at all the polling stations is quiet.

"We would like to remind you that election campaigning is prohibited in polling stations on election day, either for or against an election subject. It is forbidden to bring into polling stations t-shirts, caps or any other material with campaign symbols for election subjects - doing so can result in a fine of 1,000 GEL", the statement by the Central Election Commission says.

The Central Elections Commission is to announce final results of the parliamentary polls by October 20. According to preliminary data, the Georgian Dream party has won 83 seats in the new parliament (39 seats from one-seat constituencies and 44 by party tickets), while the United National Movement has won 67 seats (34 - from one-seat constituencies, and 33 - by party tickets).

The new parliament is to convene for its first session by October 21.

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Young man shot dead last night

03.09.14 10:00

A 27 year-old Lasha Makharadze was killed last night. The murder occurred on Abashidze Street. People say they heard the sound of shooting from a gun fire, after which they saw a black jeep driving very fast from the place of the incident.More...

President to leave for Wales to attend NATO Summit

03.09.14 10:45

A day before the opening of the NATO Summit in Wales, the President of Georgia will meet the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in London. Earlier, the meeting with the leadership of the EBRD is also on the agenda.More...

Parliament works on another resolution on Ukraine

03.09.14 10:08

The parliament of Georgia plans to discuss a draft resolution on the situation in Ukraine. The text of the resolution is ready and as the majority MPs say, the Russian aggression is mentioned in it. Reportedly, the draft resolution will be published later today.More...

Man killed in a Lilo district of Tbilisi last night

03.09.14 10:55

A man of Azeri origin, who was the citizen of Georgia, was killed outside one of the restaurants in the Lilo district of Tbilisi last night. The other details of the crime are yet unknown. More...

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What happened on the Samos Island, Greece?!

02.09.14 16:53

The members of the United National Movement say they have no information about halting a yacht carrying ex-president Mikheil Saakashvil in clip 

Boris Akunin thinks about emigrating from Russia

02.09.14 15:28

Georgian-born Russian writer Boris Akunin thinks of moving from Russia. Akunin has posted on his blog that many people think to emigrate from Russia due to its military intervention in clip 

Russia intends to alter its military doctrine

02.09.14 14:59

Russia plans to alter its military strategy - deputy secretary of Russia Security Council Mikheil Popov has said. Popov defined that the developments in Ukraine and NATO`s presence in Eastern Europe, as well as its anti-missile defence plan makes Russia change the military doctrine and make it more clip 

Lavrov slams Rasmussen for his statements on Ukraine

02.09.14 14:43

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has slammed the NATO Secretary General for his statements made on Ukraine`s crisis. Lavrov says that the statements made by Rasmussen on Ukraine`s crisis mostly exceed his competence. clip 

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