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August 2014


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EU prepared to maintain current policy with Georgia

16.10.12 10:35

EU is prepared to maintain the momentum in the negotiations of an Association Agreement - EU High Representative Catherine Ashton said in a conclusion released after the meeting of the EU foreign ministers held in Luxemburg on October 15.

`The EU stands ready to provide support and advice to the new administration, and to continue technical dialogue, with a view to ensuring continuity and maintaining momentum in the negotiations of an Association Agreement, including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, and in measures taken in the context of the ongoing visa dialogue.

The Council underlines its commitment to EU support for the necessary internal reforms by Georgia in these areas. The Council looks forward to a visit by the new Prime Minister at the earliest opportunity.  The Council stresses the critical importance of both an effective parliamentary opposition and a vibrant civil society to democratic development, and reiterates its intention to continue to support capacity building in these areas,` the statement said.

`In Georgia we welcome the conduct of elections - the first peaceful transition of power in Georgia`s history. The new prime minister, with him I have spoken, will have to work with president Saakashvili for the good of the people. It is essential for Georgia`s future, the spirit is calmed and well managed. The EU`s engagement is with Georgia as a whole ready to work and help and support political cooperation and economic integration as well as great mobility. We are also committed to helping Georgia to uphold its territorial integrity. I announced that Stefan Fule and Olga Schmidt will travel to Georgia later this week on my behalf to have discussions,` Catherine Ashton announced at the briefing.

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Poroshenko cancels visit to Turkey

28.08.14 14:11

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has cancelled his visit to Turkey, where he had to attend the inaugural ceremony of the president-elect. Poroshenko says his place is in Ukraine clip 

Separatists in Ukraine launch counter-offensive

28.08.14 14:38

The separatists in Ukraine have launched a counter-offensive - reports say that the town of Novoazovsk on the Sea of Azov has been captured by the rebels and they are now heading towards the port of Mariupol, which has been peaceful so far after being regained by the Ukraine`s forces two months clip 

National basketball team complains about government`s inattention

28.08.14 12:59

Georgian national basketball team has addressed the government of Georgia to pay more attention to the national championship and provide worthy conditions for the sportsmen. clip 

Poti municipal official is searching for his wife and daughter

28.08.14 11:37

A woman with her three year-old daughter has disappeared in Poti. Natia Khinchiashvili is the wife of the deputy chairperson of the Poti city assembly, Zurab clip 

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Putin meets Khajimba in the Kremlin

28.08.14 11:28

Abkhazian puppet regime and Russia will sign mutual assistance agreement by the end of the year - the so-called president of the Abkhazian puppet regime, Raul Khajimba and Russian president Vladimir Putin agreed at the meeting held in the Kremlin clip 

Saakashvili comments on situation in Ukraine

28.08.14 11:07

Georgia`s former president Mikheil Saakashvili has posted on his official page on facebook regarding the recent developments in Ukraine. Saakashvili says that the conflict on the Ukrainian land is not a separatist conflict, but a Russian invasion and a war. clip 

Georgian Health Minister holds meetings in Ukraine

28.08.14 11:00

The Minister of Health and Social Care of Georgia, Davit Sergeenko pays a working visit to Ukraine together with a team of doctors aiming at providing assistance to their Ukrainian colleagues in treating the injured and wounded people in the battles against clip 

Prime Minister to leave for Turkey

28.08.14 10:51

Prime Minister of Georgia will chair the governmental delegation, which will leave for Turkey today to attend the inaugural ceremony of the president-elect of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoghan. Over fifty delegations have been invited to the ceremony, which will be held in the capital city of Ankara.More...

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