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September 2014


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Reuters interviews Irakli Okruashvili

16.01.13 14:52

Acquitted former Defence Minister Irakli Okruashvili has given interview to Reuters to define the reasons of his return to Georgia after several years of residence in France under political asylum.

Okruashvili says Georgia`s prosecution does not use him as "a golden witness" against President Saakashvili, and praises the new Prime Minister Ivanishvili for his "clear view" on the country`s policy towards Russia.

`Up to now, that`s the surprise I may say, there was no even one questioning from the prosecutors` sides using me as a "golden witness" as it was mentioned in the Georgian media. And there was no big agreement, there was no any agreement let`s say with the new government about any issue. My return (to the country) was just based on my decision and that`s it,` Okruashvili has said.

Former minister has also accused President Saakashvili of pressuring his opponents.

`He (President Mikheil Saakashvili) destroyed the political balance in the country, he destroyed the political system in the country, he shut down the different opinion, that did not have the chance to develop in the political structure. He didn`t allow the opposition parties to survive. He used all government machines against the opponents.,` Okruashvili said.

Former Minister approves the political course of the n ew government and Prime Minister Ivanishvili, however, he still believes that Russia is still the main threat for Georgia.

`I will be very diplomatic in order not to become the obstacle in that cooperation (with Russia) that is ongoing right now, but I should mention that Russia is still a threat for our country and for our sovereignty. I think (Prime Minister Bidzina) Ivanishvili has some clear view, since I was following his messages, clear view what we can expect from the Russians. There is no big expectation right now within one day or within one month there will be some huge improvement. But there was positive signal sent, as I mentioned, from Tbilisi and now it is up to Russians to reply` Okruashvili said.

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Rasmussen outlines key points of cooperation with Georgia

01.09.14 17:33

A few days before the summit in Wales, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen mentioned Georgia when briefing about the Alliance plans for the future. He reiterated that Georgia would receive a new package at the Summit in Wales, which would bring the country closer to the Alliance.More...video clip 

Tbilisi hosts international forum

01.09.14 11:17

`Georgia was punished for its free choice", - the President of Georgia announced at the international forum of leaders - The forum entitled `Building a Modern State in 21st Century - Georgia`. The forum was opened by President Margvelashvili. More...video clip 

UN 69th session to be attended by the Prime Minister of Georgia

01.09.14 12:50

The Georgian Prime Minister will chair the delegation of Georgia at the UN 69th session, instead of President Margvelashvili - deputy foreign minister of Georgia, Davit Zalkaliani stated at today`s briefing.More...video clip 

Parliament to resume work in Tbilisi tomorrow

01.09.14 17:56

The autumn session of the parliament will be opened tomorrow in Tbilisi. The reconstructed building of the parliament is ready to receive the lawmakers. More...video clip 

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Young man killed in Marneuli

01.09.14 15:38

A 29 year-old man was killed in Marneuli town last night. The incident occurred on Gamsakhurdia Street. The killer inflicted a fatal injury with a knife to the man`s breast. The suspect has been identified and he is now wanted by the police. The criminal case has been filed with the charges of premeditated murder.More...video clip 

Politicians comment on Saakashvili`s case

01.09.14 12:26

The politicians have made different assessments of the reports on possible decision of the prosecutor`s office to declare former president Mikheil Saakashvili internationally wanted. Foreign Minister Maia Panjikidze says this process will in no way affect Georgia`s relations with partners and any legal decision taken by the prosecutor`s office...More...video clip 

The details of the incident in Mestia police department remain vague

01.09.14 12:05

The fact of the argument that occurred in the Mestia Police Department last night has not been officially confirmed by the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs today. However, one of the police officers...More...video clip 

A part of the EU Association Agreement enforced temporarily

01.09.14 11:46

Most of the essential parts of the EU Association Agreement with Georgia temporarily enter into force from today. According to the terms and conditions of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA), all Georgian made products will be freed of the customs fee when exported to EU market...More...video clip 

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