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August 2014


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President offers dialogue to Prime Minister

10.02.13 14:39

President of Georgia offers dialogue to the prime minister of Georgia. The special statement was published on the official website of the president today.

`I welcome the fact that the Prime Minister stopped calling for the destruction of the UNM and offered to dialog with my team and the parliamentary opposition.

What happened on February 8 should never happen again in our country. Political violence has to stop, as well as the attacks against opposition, pressures on MPs, invasions of local government or selective prosecutions. We need to start a real cohabitation as prescribed by our constitution and as wished by our people.

I am inviting therefore, in the continuity  of my speech, so that monologues and only declarations do not continue on television screen and we move pacifically on to doing business,  the Prime Minister and his team to have a real dialog with me and my team on a series of legislative issues. We can sit down as soon as Monday and discuss such topics as constitutional amendment and other important initiatives that require consensus , as well as on the ways   to ensure practically a peaceful cohabitation between the various institutions that are key to the Georgian democracy.

These talks will start as soon as the Prime Minister accepts the invitation. And, obviously at the same time I would agree to go to the parliament and deliver there an address to the nation that should never have been cancelled in the first place.

It is our historic responsibility as elected leaders to do everything to prevent violence, so that the civil clash of the 90s never returns to this country.

I hope that the shameful event of February 8 will serve as a lesson and put an end to the cycle of harassment and hatred that started recently in our beloved Georgia.` the statement says.

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Road cleaning works resumed in Dariali Gorge

22.08.14 10:00

The road cleaning works have been resumed early this morning in the Dariali Gorge, Georgia`s remote region of Kazbegi, which was affected by the heavy landslide caused by torrential clip 

Man`s body found in Vladikavkaz to be identified today

22.08.14 11:06

The law enforcers are waiting for the conclusion of the expertise to identify the body of the man cast ashore by the river Terek on the territory of Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation last night. They do not rule out that it can be the 36 year-old Turkish ...More...

Penitentiary Ministry denies reports on riot in N6 prison

22.08.14 11:22

The relatives of the prisoners held at the N6 prison in Rustavi, spent last night outside the prison after they learnt that there was riot inside the jail. The convicts` relatives said they were also told that the ministry officials sent the riot and patrol police crews to the clip 

Energy Regulatory Commission to revise electricity consumption tariff

22.08.14 14:36

The National Energy Regulatory Commission will hold a session to revise the price of the electricity power tariff under the request of the energy distribution company Energo-Pro-Georgia. clip 

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IS to investigate the activities of municipal companies

22.08.14 14:08

The Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance has started the investigation of the activities of about ten organizations, which cooperate with the Tbilisi city hall. Following the inspection started at the funeral bureau Hermes two days clip 

Parliamentary delegation wraps up visit to Lathin America nations

22.08.14 13:57

The visit of the Georgian parliamentary delegation to the states of Latin America was concluded with the meeting of David Usupashvili and the Speakers of Chamber of Senators and Chamber of Deputies of Argentina.More...

Prime Minister hosted by speaker of Armenian parliament

22.08.14 12:15

Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Garibashcili met with the Parliament Speaker of Armenia Galust Sahakyan within the framework of official visit to Yerevan. The parties discussed the issue of deepening friendly relations and cooperation between two clip 

Finance Minister forms special commission for Kazbegi check-point

22.08.14 11:47

A special commission has been set up under the order of the Minister of Finance of Georgia, which is in charge of studying the situation at the Kazbegi customs point. The customs point on the Georgia-Russia border was flooded by the disaster that hit the Dariali Gorge two days ago. More...

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