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April 2014


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President offers dialogue to Prime Minister

10.02.13 14:39

President of Georgia offers dialogue to the prime minister of Georgia. The special statement was published on the official website of the president today.

`I welcome the fact that the Prime Minister stopped calling for the destruction of the UNM and offered to dialog with my team and the parliamentary opposition.

What happened on February 8 should never happen again in our country. Political violence has to stop, as well as the attacks against opposition, pressures on MPs, invasions of local government or selective prosecutions. We need to start a real cohabitation as prescribed by our constitution and as wished by our people.

I am inviting therefore, in the continuity  of my speech, so that monologues and only declarations do not continue on television screen and we move pacifically on to doing business,  the Prime Minister and his team to have a real dialog with me and my team on a series of legislative issues. We can sit down as soon as Monday and discuss such topics as constitutional amendment and other important initiatives that require consensus , as well as on the ways   to ensure practically a peaceful cohabitation between the various institutions that are key to the Georgian democracy.

These talks will start as soon as the Prime Minister accepts the invitation. And, obviously at the same time I would agree to go to the parliament and deliver there an address to the nation that should never have been cancelled in the first place.

It is our historic responsibility as elected leaders to do everything to prevent violence, so that the civil clash of the 90s never returns to this country.

I hope that the shameful event of February 8 will serve as a lesson and put an end to the cycle of harassment and hatred that started recently in our beloved Georgia.` the statement says.

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Fugitive ex-official asks political asylum in Europe

23.04.14 14:42

Fugitive ex-chief of the constitutional security department, Data Akhalaia, has surrendered to the law enforcers of a European country - his sister-in-law Ani Nadareishvili has reported. According to her, Akhalaia asked for political asylum and reportedly, he has been granted it by Greek government.More...

PM rules out cabinet reshuffle

23.04.14 10:54

Prime Minister of Georgia has ruled out any change in the Cabinet of Ministers - Irakli Gharibashvili commented on the reports about possible dismissal of some of the ministers, saying it was the speculations organized by the United National clip 

Deputy Foreign Minister downplays Saakashvili`s statement

23.04.14 14:34

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Davit Zalkaliani has downplayed the statements made by the ex-president Saakashvili yesterday. In a live video conference held at the opening of the library opened by the Saakashvili Presidential Fund on Tuesday...More...

Awarding Ceremony of 31st Battalion

23.04.14 14:18

An award ceremony for the military servicemen of the 31st Battalion was held on the camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. Chief of General Staff of GAF, Major-General Vakhtang Kapanadze rewarded Georgian military participating in ISAF international mission with the service medals of Defence Ministry.More...

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Prime Minister`s new initiative

23.04.14 14:03

Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili has voiced a new initiative on making manufacturing an obligatory subject of the curriculum at Georgia`s public schools. The strategic document entitled Create your Future has been prepared by the Ministry of Education under the instruction by the Prime Minister.More...

Foreign Ministers of three countries to visit Georgia

23.04.14 11:46

Foreign Ministers of France, Germany and Malta will arrive in Georgia today and hold meetings with the Georgian Prime Minister, parliament chairperson and foreign minister. More...

President to participate in EP 5th anniversary summit

23.04.14 11:20

President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili will participate in the summit dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership. The summit will be opened tomorrow and last for the next two days. More...

PM instructs Minister of Culture to settle controversy on Sakdrisi deposit

23.04.14 11:08

Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili has commented about the controversy around the Sakdrisi gold deposit and instructed the Minister of Culture to settle this dispute effectively as soon as clip 

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