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April 2014


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Statements by President and Prime Minister of Georgia

10.12.13 10:03

President and Prime Minister of Georgia have released a special statements on the International Human Rights Day. The documents were published on the official websites of the President and the government of Georgia.

`Human rights are the fundament laid to the culture of the mankind. The inborn aspiration of a human being towards freedom and equality has always determined the progress in all periods of history. This aspiration reflected even in antic philosophy, Judaic-Christian ethics with all its sharpness and clearness has outlined the directions to the world`s political, social and cultural development.
Georgian culture is the inseparable part of the world civilization. The supremacy of human rights and freedom is recognized and protected by our constitution, as our history is based on these very values.  The ideal of freedom was always the main guideline for Georgia`s best leaders, poets, philosophers, political, religious and public figures.
The adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations` General Assembly on December 10, 1948, was the final and irreversible, victorious accomplishment of long lasting and difficult process.
However, while we are marking the Human Rights Day together with the rest of the world, we should remember once again, that the tradition needs to be continued and further developed; we should remember that the moment when freedom is sufficient, the desirable state has been achieved and we have right to be satisfied, never comes in the history; we should remember that ensuring perfect freedom for each person is possible only by our daily, tireless efforts,` President said in the statement.

`On December 10, the civilized world celebrates Human Rights Day. Since 1950 the whole civilized world has been coming together on this day to proclaim loudly once again that the human being is the ultimate value and every government is obligated to protect human rights, obligated to introduce the highest standards of respect for human rights.
Our government has proclaimed more than once that respect for human rights is our priority and has backed its words with deeds. It is in the field of human rights precisely that impressive changes and progress have been achieved in the past year. We refused to implement a policy aimed at cheap PR campaign and at making facade changes in life. Our policy focuses on the human being. Our primary concern is to ensure a dignified life for every citizen of Georgia. This is exactly why respect for human rights is our guiding principle. Human rights imply much more than freedom and equality only. Besides these, a human being needs social justice as well. And it is our duty to protect human beings from poverty, cherish those most needy, most vulnerable and neglected social groups.
And now, as our government has succeeded in enabling people freely to speak up their minds, to vote for their representatives in free and fair elections, and to view themselves as free citizens, we are obligated to make an all-out effort to ensure the social and economic empowerment of our citizens. The state is obligated to create all necessary conditions for its citizens to lead a dignified life. And this, along with our political will, takes a great deal of work.
I believe that our government will handle this serious challenge and overcome difficulties ensuring this way the inevitability of our success,` Prime Minister wrote.


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Charter of Journalists Conduct and Ombudsman release statements

16.04.14 10:02

The members of the Journalists Charter of Conduct and the Public Defender of Georgia have released separate statements following the detention of a Georgian TV crew of three reporters in the village of Advzi and call ...More...

Zurab Abashidze to meet with Grigori Kasasin

16.04.14 10:27

The detention of the Georgian TV crew in the village of Adzvi will be one of the topical issues discussed at the meeting between the Georgian Prime Minister`s special representative for relations with Russia and the Russian deputy minister of foreign ...More...

Police solves crime committed at TSU central building

16.04.14 11:07

Police have solved the crime that occurred on Chavchavadze Avenue outside the first building of the Tbilisi State University. The officers have arrested a 21 year-old man, who is accused of deliberately inflicting less grave injury. More...

77 year-old man from Sakorintlo village is still missing

15.04.14 14:22

The whereabouts of a 77 year-old Giorgi Ananiashvili, who is from the Gori region`s village of Sakorintlo, is still unknown. The old man has been missing since Friday. The family members say he went out of home five days ago and is still missing. clip 

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PM addresses the Conference dedicated to the development of sports

15.04.14 12:35

Government of Georgia has a long-term and systematic vision to the direction of sports development - the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili said in his speech at the conference dedicated to the sports development. clip 

Scandal in Georgian football

15.04.14 12:30

The scandal in Georgian football continues - five Georgian football clubs, which were fined for participating in suspicious matches, plan to make a joint statement today. clip 

CEC releases a statement on local government elections

15.04.14 11:15

Municipal Elections will be conducted on June 15, 2014. The Central Election Commission of Georgia has already received the ordinance of the President of Georgia countersigned by the Government of clip 

ODIHR defines reasons of its absence on Georgian elections

15.04.14 10:49

ODIHR has confirmed that its rejection of invitation to Georgia for observing the local government elections was conditioned by financial problems. The ODIHR has sent a letter to Rustavi2 defining these reasons in details. clip 

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