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April 2014


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Prosecution reports reasons of lawyer`s detention

24.02.14 12:21

Prosecutor`s Office of Georgia has made definitions about the detention of the lawyer, Giorgi Oniani. The special statement was published on the website of the prosecutor`s office today.

`The former Deputy Head of Gldani-Nadzaladevi Unit of the Main Unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Giorgi Oniani was arrested by the Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia on the basis of the Court Ruling for the excess of official authority, service-related falseness and falsification of evidences concerning the especially grave offence as well as the fact of illegal deliberate deprivation of liberty.
The investigation ascertained that in 2011, for the purpose of hindering the activities of the Political Coalition “Georgian Dream” and intimidating the persons having different political views, G. Oniani illegally arrested Davit Shatirishili - the Manager of “DAO-PRINT” LLC. By that time, “DAO-PRINT” LLC was producing the T-shirts with the logos of “Georgian Dream”. The aforesaid served as the reason for the arrest of D. Shatirishvili, which was confirmed to the latter by G. Oniani after the arrest of the person referred to above.
G. Oniani instructed the police officers subordinated to him to file the report allegedly confirming that D. Shatirishvili was illegally retaining the narcotic substance. In fact, the employees of Gldani-Nadzaladevi Unit have never received the above-mentioned information. On the same day, with the organization and under the direct leadership of G. Oniani, D. Shatirishvili was arrested in absence of any factual and legal grounds. The detainee was searched by the police officers only after the arrest; although, no narcotic substance was found in a result of the above-mentioned investigative action. Notwithstanding with the fact that in such case D. Shatirishvili should have been released immediately, the latter was transported to the Administrative Building of Gldani-Nadzaladevi Unit upon the instruction of G. Oniani.
With the purpose of falsifying the evidences on the criminal case against Davit Shatirishvili into the fact of purchase and retention of narcotic substances in especially large quantity, Giorgi Oniani submitted to the investigator the narcotic substance cannabis and instructed the latter to reflect into the criminal case files the fact of seizing the narcotic substance cannabis during the personal search of Davit Shatirishvili, which in fact has never occurred.
In result of the efforts of Giorgi Oniani, Davit Shatirishvili was charged for the purchase and retention of narcotic substance under Article 260 §1 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which entails the deprivation of liberty for the term up to 11 years as the penalty. The criminal case was submitted to the Court for the purposes of hearing the merits of the case.
The investigation is still pending on the criminal case concerned under Article 25, 147 §1, Article 333 §1, Article 25, 341 and Article 3691 §3 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which is punishable by the deprivation of liberty for the term up to 8 years,` the statement says.

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EUMM welcomes journalists` release

17.04.14 10:00

The EU Monitoring Mission has welcomed the release of three journalists. The EUMM has released a special statement regarding the incident.More...

Police interrogate released journalists

17.04.14 10:47

Georgian police interrogated the members of the TV3 crew last night, after they were released by the occupants. After the 24 hour long captivity, the journalists reported the details of their detention and about the situation in the Tskhinvali clip 

Russian MFA makes statement about Prague meeting

17.04.14 10:46

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has released a statement regarding the meeting of the Georgian Prime Minister-s special representative in relations with Russia, Zurab Abashidze and the Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gregori Karasin.More...

Georgian President talks about Georgia-Russia relations with the Reuters

17.04.14 11:39

President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili has reviewed Georgia-Russia relations in the interview with the Reuters news agency. Giorgi Margvelashvili says that the current developments in Ukraine has raised the concerns of Georgia, however, the president rules out violence in any form and says that the world should halt Russia only by clip 

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Pardon Commission sends recommendations for 100 inmates to the President

17.04.14 11:27

The Pardon Commission has discussed 500 cases of prisoners for Easter Pardon and approved only about one hundred of them. The chairperson of the commission Aleksandre Elisashvili says the recommendation does not imply the release of all recommended convicts...More...

Georgian woman found dead in Turkey

17.04.14 11:10

A young Georgian woman was found dead in her apartment in Istanbul, Turkey. Nino Saikodze, 33, from Telavi, Georgia, was found dead by her room mate. Reportedly, she died of CO leakage; however, the family of the woman suspects she might have been killed. More...

PM comments on detention of journalists

16.04.14 14:43

Prime Minister of Georgia has expressed his concerns on the detention of the TV3 crew by Russian occupants. Irakli Gharibashvili says such facts affect the process of normalizing relations with clip 

NGO offers legal assistance to TV3 and the detained journalists

16.04.14 14:30

NGO Article 42 of the Constitution has expressed its concerns regarding the detention of the TV3 report crew by the Russian occupants and offered legal assistance to the management of the television and the detainees. clip 

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