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September 2014


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Six years since the beginning of August War

07.08.14 11:07

Six years have passed since the beginning of the Georgia-Russia war. The politicians have been paying tribute to the heroes, who were killed in action during the five-day war.

The representatives of the executive government, Georgian Diplomats, opposition leaders have laid wreaths on the graves of the soldiers killed in the August war. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Maia Panjikidze said the August 7th was one of the most tragic days in Georgia`s history.

`This war lasted only five days but took many lives and left many people in trouble. We are still facing the outcome of this war today. We have thousands of IDPs and have serious problems along the occupation line. 20% of our territory is still occupied. We have come here to commemorate all this tragedy and to respect the sacrifice of those people,` Maia Panjikidze said.

On August 7th, the troops of Russia`s regular army attacked the territory of Georgia and began to occupy the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali. The order was given from the Kremlin.

The consolidation of Russia`s troops in the two breakaway regions began a few days before as Moscow was preparing for waging war and occupying conflict regions. Russia staged simulated attack on so-called Russian peacekeepers dislocated in the two regions and sent more troops to Georgia asserting they were protecting the security of the Russian citizens.

Despite the disproportion of forces, with the support of international community and the bravery of Georgian soldiers, the intervention was halted.

The two Georgian regions are still occupied by Russia, which recognized their independence despite the pressure and criticism of European countries.


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Scotland says `no` to independence from UK

19.09.14 11:33

Scotland voters have opted to continue as part of the United Kingdom after 307 years in an historic referendum vote. The voters at yesterday`s referendum had to answer only one questions "Should Scotland be an independent country?` clip 

Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova granted major non-NATO ally status

19.09.14 12:05

The United States Senate has granted Georgia the status of major non-NATO ally. The United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has approved the new legislation bill, which recognizes these three countries as the major non-NATO clip 

PM reported on process of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine

19.09.14 11:45

Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili required detailed information about the humanitarian assistance provided by the Georgian government to Ukraine and the state of the children, brought from Ukraine`s eastern regions to Anaklia clip 

Saakashvili`s property seized

19.09.14 14:26

The property of Georgia`s former president Mikheil Saakashvili has been seized - the lawyer of the ex-president, Otar Kakhidze has confirmed. According to him, the court seized the property registered on Saakashvili, on his wife, mother and even clip 

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Government approves amendments to the gun laws

19.09.14 14:14

Georgian gun laws will be amended under the draft amendments approved by the government of Georgia today. The draft of the amendments was prepared by the Ministries of Interior and Justice jointly under the instruction of the Prime Minister and was adopted by the cabinet at today`s clip 

Dismissed personnel of Opera House accuse director of incompetence

19.09.14 13:45

The dismissed staff of Zakaria Paliashvili Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre accuses the art director, Davit Kintsurashvili of incompetence and object to their dismissal from the theatre. The grand-son of Zakaria Paliashvili, Vakhtang Gordeli-Paliashvili says he clip 

IDPs continue protest at the mayor`s office in Poti

19.09.14 10:17

A dozen of IDPs have gone on hunger strike after intruding into the building of the Poti mayor`s office yesterday. The protestors urge the municipal government to provide them with apartments in the newly built blocks of apartments in the clip 

Police searched Tsotselia`s apartment

19.09.14 10:00

The police officers searched the house of Zaza Tsotselia and took away his computer, CDs and Ipad. Tsotselia is the person, who recorded the video footage of the conversation with Lali Bitsoshvili, the lawyer of the Rapaliantsi clip 

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