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April 2014


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Economic Minister summed up year 2011

23.12.11 14:57

Minister of Sustainable Development and Economics, Vera Kobalia summed up the economic progress of Georgia in 2011, saying it was a very successful year for Georgia.

`In the sphere of economics, year 2011 was very productive for Georgia, because we are one of the two states along with Kazakhstan, the economic ratings of which were increased by rating companies. We are one of those few countries in the world, which had 6,5% economic growth this year and this growth will be directly reflected on the reduction of unemployment and the development of other directions in the economic sector,` the Minister said.

She also reported the growth of Gross Domestic Product index, by which the country is on the third position after Turkey and Estonia.

In addition, according to the ratings published by the Doing Business, Georgia has taken leading position among 183 countries in the following sectors - getting the construction licenses (fourth position), beginning business (seventh position) and taking loans (eighth position).

Georgia is on the second position with the corruption reduction index in 2011.


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Georgian, Russian PMs hold brief conversation in Davos

24.01.13 20:22

Georgia`s Foreign Minister Mrs. Maia Panjikidze has confirmed that Prime Ministers of Georgia and Russia, Bidzina Ivanishvili and Dmitri Medvedev had today a brief conversation in Davos, where they are attending World Economic Forum. clip 

Finance Minister denies UNM`s allegations about economic crisis

23.01.13 11:08

Minister of Finance of Georgia Nodar Khaduri has downplayed the concerns of the United National Movement secretary general about the danger of financial and economic clip 

UNM Secretary general says country`s economic is facing crisis

22.01.13 15:02

Secretary general of the United National Movement Vano Merabishvili is concerned about the political regress in the country - Merabishvili presented specific numbers of economic turnover in the country, which he said was obtained by economic experts from various clip 

Delegation of six representatives to meet with Russia`s chief sanitarian

22.01.13 11:03

The delegation, which will arrive in Moscow to hold negotiations about the return of Georgian wine products to Russian market, has been already staffed. Six representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Samtrest Company working on the standards of clip 

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Russian chief sanitarian to meet Georgian businessmen

21.01.13 14:54

Russia`s chief sanitarian Genady Onishchenko has voiced the possible date of the meetings with Georgian delegation, which will discuss the return of Georgian wine and mineral products to the Russian market. clip 

95 mln allocated for disaster affected residents of Kakheti Region

21.01.13 13:46

The list of the families, who were affected by the disaster last autumn in Kakheti Region, will be handed over to the Kartu Bank, where individual accounts will be opened. The amount of assistance for each family has been determined by individual clip 

GNERC Chairman released on bail

19.01.13 19:58

Chairman of Georgian National Electricity Regulatory Commission (GNERC) Guram Chalagashvili was released today on bail. City Court in Kutaisi ordered GEL 3,000 bail for Chalagashvili instead of Gel 10,000 requested by the clip 

NBG president concerned on weakened economic activity

18.01.13 13:50

President of the National Bank of Georgia Giorgi Kadagidze has expressed his concerns regarding the weakened economic activity in the country in the first weeks of the year. Giorgi Kadagidze has spoken about this after the meting with the Moldovan counterparts, to whom he explained the reforms and projects carried out in the banking clip 

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