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September 2014


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Exclusive report from occupied Abkhazia by Rustavi 2

11.01.12 20:54

In an exclusive report from Georgia`s occupied region of Abkhazia Rustavi 2 TV-channel shows the current situation in the breakaway region. Cameraman of the Courier News shot the footage putting his own life at risk.

The footage shows the Church of St. George of Ilori, the Medieval, originally Georgian Orthodox Church in the village of Ilori, Abkhazia. The architectural monument of the 11th century has been completely defaced. The church with new metal-plastic window frames has its dome changed with a Russian one. Unique frescos inside the church have been deleted.

So long as Georgian specialists after the region`s occupation are not let into Abkhazia, the occupational forces have completely removed all signs confirming the Georgian origins from the monuments in the region.

Along with the unique Georgian monument, the footage also shows the infrastructures of several towns of teh region. Only ruins have remained in Tkvarcheli, which used to serve as one of the main industrial centers of Abkhazia 20 years ago. Only 3 thousand locals are now living in the town inhabited with 22 thousand before the war in 1992-1993.

Only military bases are being intensively constructed in Abkhazia, especially Gali district. The Russian troops are constructing the military settlements on the sites of former Georgian houses. Some of the bases are constructed in the citrus plantations.

The footage shows another destroyed town in Abkhazia. Ochamchire is used only for conducting military trainings. The sanatoria, which used to host thousands of tourists before the war, are destroyed now and the beaches of the town are empty.

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Onishchenko comments on return of Georgian wine to Russian market

05.02.13 18:15

Russia`s chief sanitarian Genady Onishchenko says the return of Georgian wine to the Russian market is not an important issue for clip 

Onishchenko met with Georgian delegation in Moscow

04.02.13 18:10

Delegation of the ministry of agriculture of Georgia and the representatives of Samtrest (the Georgian Wine and Vine Department) have finished the first meeting with Russia`s chief sanitarian Genady Onishchenko in Moscow clip 

Georgian delegation to meet with Russia`s chief sanitarian

04.02.13 11:08

Georgian delegation will hold negotiations with Russia`s Chief Sanitarian Genady Onishchenko regarding the lifting of embargo on Georgian products, first of all on Georgian wine and mineral clip 

Georgian Samtrest delegation visits Moscow

03.02.13 14:29

A 7-members delegation has departed from Georgia to Russia to hold a meeting in Moscow on Monday (February 4). The representatives of Georgia`s Agriculture Ministry and the State Department of Vine and Wine (Samtrest) are going to hold talks with the head of `Rospotrebnadzor`...More...

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Tbilisi Mayor being questioned in his office

02.02.13 19:10

Investigators and prosecutor of the investigation department of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia are questioning Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava in the city clip 

Kezerashvili accused of misappripriation

31.01.13 10:00

The investigation service of the ministry of fincnace will present a motion to the Tbilisi City Court to rule on the preventive measures against the former chief of the financial clip 

Financial monitoring underway at Berta Company

29.01.13 17:46

The investigation service of the ministry of finance of Georgia is conducting a financial monitoring at the Berta Company. Berta is the largest manufacturer of household and personal care products in Georgia. clip 

IS inspects documents at Medical Emergency Center

29.01.13 12:16

Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia carries our inspection at the Medical Emergency Center. The inspection was requested by the staff of the center, which has set up an initiative group. clip 

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