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August 2014


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President viewed several objects in Kobuleti

19.12.11 19:07

`2012 is the year of the development of Kobuleti, ` Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili announced during his visit to the Kobuleti Resort, Adjara Region, today. Saakashvili visited several objects that are under construction and spoke about the prospects of the resort development.

Saakashvili opened a six kilometer long bicycle path in Kobuleti and rode a bicycle together with the chairperson of the Adjara government Levan Varshalomidze and Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Ramaz Nikolaishvili.

President said the new transit road, which will be opened in two years, would be a great relief for Kobuleti as the transit movement will be removed from the central part of the city and it will become more attractive for tourists.

President also visited a newly opened tomato greenhouse, the project of which was launched six months ago and opened a month ago. Saakashvili said similar greenhouses should be opened in Kobuleti to guarantee the fall of the prices on food products, in addition, such small businesses would create new jobs in the region and the city will not be depended on the seasonal business.

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Prime Minister`s press conference

22.11.12 13:25

Prime Minister of Georgia Bidzina Ivanishvili has summed up the work of the new government during past one month. Prime Minister is still answering the questions of journalists about various issues. clip 

Delegation of Kazakhstan visits Georgia

17.11.12 14:34

Governmental delegation of Kazakhstan pays official visit to Georgia. The delegation members have already met with the representatives of Georgian government. They have also visited the Tbilisi Registration Economic clip 

Onischenko comments on return of Georgian product to Russian market

16.11.12 16:22

Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia has commented on the possible return of Georgian wines and mineral waters to Russian market after eight Georgian wine-make companies sent a letter on beginning of negotiations.More...

Georgian wine may return on Russian market

15.11.12 14:40

Georgian wine may soon return in Russia - Russian senior officials have confirmed their readiness to take practical steps for opening Russian market for Georgian wine, which was closed prior to the August war in clip 

Vano's Show

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TTC demands non-plenary audit

12.11.12 14:42

Tbilisi Transport Company calls for non-plenary financial audit following the strikes of the municipal bus drivers, which has caused serious problems of transportation to the residents of the capital during a week. The drivers are still on strike, refusing to work until their salaries are clip 

Striking municipal bus drivers deliver ultimatum to Tbilisi government

10.11.12 16:29

Drivers of municipal buses of Tbilisi have delivered an ultimatum to the local government of the city. They urge for resignation of head of the city transport service Mr. Akaki Jokhadze and director of Tbilisi Transport Company JSC Mr. Levan Koplatadze. More...

Dockers urge for pay rise, improvement of work conditions

04.11.12 17:46

Employees of port of Poti continue their strike for the fourth day already. 70 percent of the dockers refuse to work until their demands are satisfied. They urge for pay rise and improvement of work conditions. More...

Female miners join colleagues in strike in Tchiatura mine

04.11.12 17:42

Miners continue strike in Itkhvisi mine at the depth of 2 thousand meters in the town of Tchiatura. On the 23rd day of the strike, female miners also joined their male colleagues today. More...

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