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April 2014


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President delivers lecture at Maastricht University

23.02.12 10:00

Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvsili delivered a speech at the Maastricht University after the special invitation of the University management. President spoke about the political transformation of the country and the growth of its role in the Regional politics.

Mikheil Saakashvili praised reforms in the country since 2004. On a lecture for students of the Maastricht University he said `Radical reform transformed us from failed state to regional leader`.

Mr. Saakashvili gave a short, half-an-hour-long presentation on how Georgia became a regional leader.

`Before the Rose Revolution we were almost a failed state`, he said, `but now we are the world leader in fighting corruption and opening economy`. President of Georgia explained that after coming to power he fired almost all policemen and bureaucrats, as they were deeply corrupted. New state is based on modern and minimal bureaucracy. Among the achievements of Georgia are electronic passports and IDs and extremely high GDP growths.

After a short prelection Mr. Saakashvili engaged in a debate with students and professors alike. When asked about relations with the European Union, he said he is certain that in the future Georgia will join the community as already now some heads of European states are hinting. Mr. Saakashvili emphasized that Georgia will soon start negotiations on comprehensive trade agreement with the EU and is likely to establish free trade with the US.

Asked about relations with Russia Mr. Saakashvili has answered that he is confident that Russia will change and will stop acting in "imperialistic hangover" once the people in power change. Mr. Saakashvili adds that he is ready to step down once his term finished and works on a constitution that will significantly limit presidential powers.

President was introduced to the audience by the chairperson of the University Executive Council, Professor Martin Paul.


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Gazprom to raise gas price for Ukraine

05.03.14 10:04

Russia is using new punitive mechanisms against Ukraine after military intervention in the Crimea - Gazprom chief executive Alexei Miller said on Tuesday that they would raise gas prices for Ukraine from the start of next month because the clip 

Meeting of the President with EU High Commissioner

04.03.14 17:55

President of Georgia has met with European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy today. Giorgi Margvelashvili and Štefan Füle discussed cooperation issues between Georgia and the European Union. The parties announced that signing EU Association Agreement in near future was very clip 

Ukraine`s media says Putin`s conversation with military officers were recorded

04.03.14 16:49

Ukrainian media has released the script of the conversation between Russian president Vladimir Putin with a senior military official. In it, Putin demands explanation on why the Ukrainian soldiers ignore clip 

Ukrainian soldiers take control on several runways in Belbek

04.03.14 14:26

Ukrainian soldiers have taken control on several runways of the Belbek aerodrome in Ukraine, urging the Russian occupant forces to leave the territory of the air base. clip 

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Prime Minister`s meeting with Stefan Fule

04.03.14 14:08

Prime Minister of Georgia met with EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule. During the face-to-face meeting the parties discussed issues of Georgia- EU clip 

Churkin tries to justify Russian intrusion at UN Security Council

04.03.14 12:09

Russian ambassador to UN has voiced a new version of the motives of dispatching Russian forces to Ukraine - as Vitaly Churkin said, Ukraine’s fugitive president had requested Russian soldiers in the strategic Crimea region `to establish legitimacy, peace, law and order.` clip 

EU to discuss sanctions against Russia on Thursday

04.03.14 12:02

European leaders will convene in Brussels on Thursday for an emergency summit to discuss possible economic sanctions against Russia after its intrusion on the territory of clip 

Poland convenes NATO Security Council on Crimea

04.03.14 11:58

The situation in the Crimea will be discussed at the NATO Security special session today. Poland has summoned the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to meet on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine, where Russia has invaded and effectively taken over the clip 

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