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April 2014


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Scandalous letter by English teacher of the Ivanishvilis

08.02.12 20:51

"Life with Bidzina Ivanishvili, an eye opening and near death experience in Georgia", - the letter has been published by Patrick Downey, who used to work as an English teacher at the Ivanishvilis` in 2007-2008. In the letter the former U.S. citizens tells a lot of details about the family of the Georgian business tycoon and leader of the Georgian Dream Public Movement.

"I had to come to expect the unexpected living with and working for the Ivanishvilis... but being drugged was something I never would have expected in a million years. Not to mention being told blatant lies, and having one of the world`s richest men, who I considered to be a friend, suddenly turn his back on me. Maybe this was out of fear of a confrontation, but probably more was involved, perhaps my Foreign Service background – I had served at the US Embassy in Moscow, and had knowledge of the people Ivanishvili would come to associate with, and the networks of patronage within the political elites of Georgia and Russia.

"Settled in my room in the small apartment building (the "Teachers Home") across the compound in the late hours of September 28, I was startled when Bera called. He told me that Uta had drugged me, as a joke, and that he was sorry - Uta later apologized over the phone to me - and that he, and Ivanishvili`s Assistant Head of Security, would come by shortly to take me to the doctor, who also lived in the compound: a cardiologist named Zviad Matoshvili.

"It was then that I learned from Dr. Matoshvili that I had been given a "twentyfold overdose" of a powerful, prescription-strength laxative (I believe the Ivanishvilis used laxatives as part of their diet/health regime) as a prank, during our "end of summer" celebration, but that Uta and the boys had thought better of it afterward and decided to call the doctor - Matoshvili told me that my condition could have been "very serious" had I not been treated." the letter says.

Bidzina Ivanishvili responded to the letter today saying that it`s evident Patrick Downey is suffering from psychical problems and his letter should not be perceived seriously by journalists.

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Man arrested for illicit entrepreneurial activity

19.03.14 11:36

The officers of Kakheti Regional Main Division detained Piruz N. (DoB 1975) for Illicit Entrepreneurial Activity without any legal permit or license.More...

Municipal employ arrested for bribery

19.03.14 11:13

The Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance has arrested a municipal employ in suspicion of bribery. Jemal Khvedelidze worked as the head of the architecture and administrative monitoring service of the Khashuri municipality.More...

Ex-PM slams Georgia`s president

19.03.14 10:17

Former prime minister of Georgia Bidzina Ivanishvili, who currently has his own non-governmental organization The Citizen, has criticized president of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili, who was once his favorite and the member of his team, whom he personally nominated as the candidate for the clip 

Two persons injured in gas explosion in Tbilisi

19.03.14 10:00

Two persons, a mother and her child were injured in an explosion that occurred on Z. Chavchavadze Street in Tbilisi this morning. The explosion was arguably caused by gas leakage in the apartment on the ground clip 

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Putin signs document on joining Crimea with Russia

18.03.14 16:46

Crimea has become the "inseparable` part of the Russian Federation - to the Russian national anthem, Putin and Crimean leaders signed a treaty on making Crimea part of Russia. During his address, Putin was interrupted by applause at least 30 clip 

Ex-minister leaves prosecutor`s office after interrogation

18.03.14 16:17

Former minister of education left the office of the chief prosecutor after the interrogation, which lasted four hours, however, another former official, ex-minister of economic Kakha Bendukidze, who was also summoned for interrogation on the same case, is still at the office, arguably answering the questions of the interrogation. clip 

Moldova`s two regions claim independence aiming to join Russia

18.03.14 14:52

Following the developments in Ukraine`s Crimea, which has claimed independence and now aspires to join Russia, Moldova`s self-proclaimed region of Transistria has also expressed its intention to join the Russian Federation. clip 

Fule calls on EU to accept Ukraine in the organization

18.03.14 14:44

European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, Stefan Fule proposes the European Union to accept Ukraine in the organization. clip 

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