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August 2014


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Tamta Liparteliani`s father to appear before Oslo Court tomorrow

10.05.12 20:48

Father of the only Georgian victim of the mass shooting on Norway`s island of Utoya has prepared a speech, which he is going to read at the proceeding where the murder case of Tamta Liparteliani will be discussed. He intends to demand life sentence at the strict regime prison for Breivik.

Mr. Liparteliani attended today`s hearing at the Oslo Court and, prior to it, he got familiarized with the expertise conclusion and submitted the letter of his requests to teh court.

Natia Chkhetiani, another Georgian girl, who was with Tamta Liparteliani during the mass shooting on Utoya will also appear before the court. Natia underwent a course of psychological rehabilitation before arriving in Norway.

The trial of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik continued on Thursday (May 10) with the court set to hear further post-mortem reports and witness accounts of the Utoeya massacre in which 69 mostly young people were killed.

Breivik killed 77 people in a single day on July 22 last year. He admits to carrying out a bombing in Oslo and going on a shooting rampage on Utoeya but denies criminal responsibility.

The part of the trial dealing with forensic reports started last week and is set to end on Friday (May 11).

During this part of the trial, the court will hear how each of the 69 people killed on the island died.

According to the coroner, the average age of the victims was 18. Sixty-seven people were shot, one drowned and one died in a fall.

A dummy is being used by the forensic scientists and coroner to point out the injuries that caused their deaths.

During the day, five witnesses will also give details of events on the island.

On Utoeya, Breivik shot most of his victims several times, often using the first shot to take down his target then following up with a shot to the head.

On Monday (May 14) the witness segment of the trial will start.

The Oslo court has decided that the testimonies of witnesses and injured will not be broadcast on television. The ban also includes the forensic expert witness statements.

The testimonies concerning the events on Utoeya will last until the beginning of June.

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NGO says the high-profile case of Barbare Rapaliantsi`s death has been investigated

13.08.14 12:17

Center for Freedom and Support NGO asserts that the investigation of the death of 10-month old Barbare Rapaliantsi is over. They say the joint work of some non-governmental organizations turned out successful and they have obtained video and audio evidence that will prove that the current senior officials were involved clip 

Tako Salakaia prepared to answer the questions of investigation

13.08.14 11:25

The wife of the convicted former prime minister Vano Merabishvili, Tako Salakaia is prepared to answer the questions of the investigation of the murder of Sandro Girgvliani - a 26 year-old bank employ, who was tortured to death in 2006 by police officers. clip 

Temur Janashia denies charges

13.08.14 11:12

The former chief of the Special State Protection Service of Georgia, Temur Janashia denies the charges filed against him by the office of the chief prosecutor today. More...

Girgvliani`s family demands interrogation of Salakaia and Maisuradze

13.08.14 10:13

The family of Sandro Girgvliani, a 26 year-old bank employ, killed by four officers in 2006, demands the interrogation of the wife of that-time interior minister, Tako Salakaia and Sandro`s friend Tatia Maisuradze, as the testimony given by one of the convicts on this case, has changed the facts of the investigation completely. clip 

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Two witnesses in Girgvliani`s case may be interrogated again

12.08.14 15:17

The wife of the former prime minister of Georgia Vano Merabishvili, Tako Salakaia and her friend, Tatia Maisuradze may be summoned for interrogation once again on the bases of the testimony given by Oleg Melnikov clip 

New public movement launched

12.08.14 11:34

Restore and Establish Justice - a new public movement has been launched by the former owner of the Elit Electronics Company, Anzor Kokoladze. The mission of the movement is to monitor the investigations of the crimes committed clip 

Man arrested for drug crime

12.08.14 11:25

A 36-year-ol man has been arrested illegal purchase and keeping of drugs in especially large quantities. Ilia Ts. had 243 pills and 4 pieces of Subutex”, which according to expertize, contains 1,9586 gr of buprenorphine. clip 

Majoriy, opposition comment on scandalous testimony by Melnikov

12.08.14 10:04

Oleg Melnikov pleaded guilty in every episode of the murder of a 26 year-old bank employ. The murder of Sandro Girgvliani was one of the most scandalous and high-profile clip 

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