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April 2014


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New sculpture erected in seaside Batumi

21.12.11 19:56

Another statue was erected in Georgia`s Black Sea town of Batumi on Wednesday. The Rotation by Tamar Kvesitatdze was opened in the vicinity of the Public Service Hall of Batumi close to the dancing fountain.

The sculpture was created in 2005 and it was exhibited in Paris and Venice few years ago.
The symbolic statue depicts the motion of time, although it assumed another sense, as the white clockwork rotating figure depicts sea waves and dolphins in the seaside city.

Georgian President along with the the author inspected the new sculpture in Batumi today. Mikheil Saakashvili assessed it as original and distinguished.

The president whose birthday is today (December 21) was receiving best wishes all day long in Batumi today. Mikheil Saakashvili also received various presents, among them caviar and Dutch cheese. The president brought the products to the charity diner of teh city, where he had dinner with socially vulnerable citizens.

Mikheil Saakashvili introduced a new initiative to the citizens in the diner. He said, funds will be allocated from the president`s foundation for dental treatment of socially vulnerable citizens.


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Yet another discovery in Old Tbilisi

09.09.13 10:52

Yet another discovery has been made in the Old Tbilisi district, N3 Tumaniani Street, during the construction of a new building for the residents of a block of apartments, which was damaged by the 2002 earthquake. clip 

Minaret removed from Mosque returned back to Chella village

30.08.13 19:56

The minaret removed from the Mosque has been returned back to the village of Chella in Akhaltsikhe Region in the southern part of Georgia. Local Muslims gathered outside awaiting the arrival of the minaret in the village. clip 

Georgia`s Mufti Jemal Paksadze hospitalized with heart attack

30.08.13 14:46

Mufti of All Georgia Jemal Paksadze has been transferred to hospital with heart attack - the head of the Union of Muslims of Georgia, Tariel Nakaidze announced at the Friday prayer in the Batumi Mosque today. clip 

Representatives of Orthodox Church were in Akhaltsikhe last night

30.08.13 10:58

Representatives of the Georgian Orthodox Church arrived in the city of Akhaltsikhe after a meeting held in the Patriarch`s administration late last night. clip 

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Orthodox Georgians rally in Akhaltsikhe

29.08.13 14:49

The scandal of minaret demolition in Akhaltsikhe region`s village of Chella was followed by protests of local Muslims, while today, locals of Orthodox Origin went out in the streets and blocked up Tbilisi-Akhaltsikhe motorway objecting to the protest of Muslims. clip 

Minaret is expected to be restored later today

29.08.13 12:05

The minaret, which was demolished in the village of Chela a few days ago due to the violations revealed in its import from Turkey, is expected to be re-erected later today. clip 

Several rallies supporting Muslim prayers held

28.08.13 20:21

A protest rally was held in the center of Batumi in Adjara region on August 28 condemning removal of minaret by the authorities from a mosque in the village of Chela in Adigeni municipality.More...

Patriarch`s administration comments on Chela incident

28.08.13 10:25

Administration of the Patriarch of Georgia has commented on the developments in Akhaltsikhe region`s village of Chela, where the Revenue Service officers demolished minaret due to the lack of required customs documents. clip 

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