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July 2014


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Armenia boycotts Eurovision 2012 in Baku

24.02.12 11:15

Armenian participants of the Eurovision 2012 boycott the annual contest demanding change of the country where it must be held this year. Azerbaijan`s capital is preparing to host the contest in 2012, but the Armenian contestants definitely will not take part in it.
The group of Armenian singers sent a letter of address to the organizers of the contest, saying not a single singer will arrive in Baku, explaining political reasons of the boycott, which is along well-known conflict between the two nations, the murder of an Armenian citizen on Armenia-Azerbaijani border by a sniper.
As it is stated in their message, they refuse to perform in a country where mass pogroms of Armenians were organized and were hatred towards Armenians reached state level.
The singers announce that they are ready to participate in the song contest any time, if the European Union of Broadcasters decided to move the contest to another country, where peace and harmony will rule as it was during the Junior Eurovision in Yerevan, where Azerbaijan refused to participate.
The organization committee of the contest has not replied to the address of Armenia so far.


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Issue of Ishkhani church discussed at Culture Ministry

08.04.13 17:58

Ministry of Culture organized a meeting of experts to discuss the problems which the Georgian Church of Ishkhani in Turkey after the reportage aired by Courier P.S. weekly analytical show broadcast on Rustavi 2. Georgian side demands suspension of restoration works of the church...More...video clip 

Foreign Minister comments on controversy about Rabati Fortress

08.04.13 13:59

Foreign Minister Maia Panjikidze abstains from speaking about the intention of the government of Georgia to check up the agreement on Rabati Fortress signed by president Saakashvili during his visit to Turkey. Minister says the government of any country is obliged to look after the monuments of cultural heritage.More...video clip 

Georgian president visits Turkey

07.04.13 17:45

The dome of Rabati Fortress in the town of Akhaltsikhe in the southwestern part of Georgia will not be changed, President Saakashvili said aftr the meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. More...

Round Table on Rabati Fortress held at Culture Ministry

05.04.13 19:48

Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection organized a round table dedicated to the controversy on the restoration of the Rabati Fortress in the Akhaltsikhe city of Georgia.More...video clip 

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Round table discussion about Rabati Castle planned

04.04.13 10:00

Secretary General of the of the United National Movement Vano Merabishvili is expected to attend the round table dedicated to the discussion of the controversy on the restoration of Rabati Fortress - Deputy Minister of Culture has confirmed this.More...video clip 

Minister of Culture makes definitions about Rabati reconstruction

03.04.13 10:57

Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia says the statement by the president`s administration regarding the threats of destruction of Rabati Fortress in Akhaltsikhe town of Georgia are exaggerated and politicized.More...video clip 

Controvery on restoration of Rabati Fortress

03.04.13 10:47

The restoration of the Rabati Fortress proposed by the government to president a few days ago has become controversial between the majority and the minority MPs. Opposition asserts that the new government of Georgia follows the instinct of destruction, as they want to destroy everything built by the previous government of the country.More...video clip 

Statement by President`s Administration

02.04.13 17:22

Is Rabati castle facing a threat of demolition?! - president`s press speaker Manana Manjgaladze reported the details of the letter stamped as `extra-urgent` - the document prepared by the ministries of foreign affairs and culture refer to the reconstruction of the Rabati castle in Akhaltsikhe town of Georgia.More...video clip 

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