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Program “Patrol” is the first successful project of the public relations and information service administrative department of the Interior Ministry. The program is phenomenally popular among the Georgian audience and is prepared by experienced and highly skilled professionals in the Press Centre of Interior Ministry:

Producers: N.Grdzelishvili, G.Abramidze;

Montage: T.Mikhanashvili, Sh.Jakhua, D.Dudashvili, A.Makharadze, L.Petriashvili

Journalists: T.Vardosanidze, S.Oniani, T.Gogoladze, T.Kervalishvili, S.Tsereteli, G.Khatidze, L.Arabidze, T.Metonidze, A.Kuchava

Cameramen: L.Lobzhanidze, B.Meskhi, K.Garunovi, V.Archvadze, G.Giorgadze, V.Andiashvili, A.Asatiani, Z.Kapanadze, G.Kiziria;

The author of the idea and the project: Guram Donadze.

Patrol airs every day (except Saturdays and Sundays) after night release of the Courier

This is the only project in the broadcasting network of Georgia providing its viewers with the daily report on the work done by patrol on the entire territory of Georgia. The program offers up-to-the-minute exclusive news material on the patrol activity. It provides people with the opportunity to contact the service they need.

The program “Patrol” debuted on “Rustavi 2” on 27 August, 2004 and has become one of the most popular programs in Georgian television.

The crew, working on the project, develops various format and content innovations.

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