Tuesday, 16.09.14
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`The Other Midday` is a Rustavi 2 joint project of `Midday` and `The Other News`.
From the new season The Other Midday has presented four parted live talk show at a different time, with new hosts, videos and live reports.  

On Mondays hosts of “The Other Midday” and invited guests present “dance lessons” - waltz, tango, Georgian, European and exotic dances.

On Tuesdays – rubric “white robe” will give you extended answers on all questions about medicine. 
Additionally, the most interesting guest plays “the main role” in the live air this day.
On Wednesdays we review the most topical theme of the week.
Also, every Wednesday popular stars guest “The Other Midday” studio.
On Thursdays the women’s interests are discussed: private life problems, experiences, recommendations and sincere conversations aimed to convince our feminine audience that we can make changes!
Also don’t miss interesting tips from specialists in “Beauty” rubric.     
Friday is the tastiest day of the week! Meriko Gubeladze presents spirited experts of Georgian and world cuisine.
Writer Dato Turashvili joins the delicious cuisine with new books’ reviews and interesting stories.

Creative and technical team produces “The Other Midday”:
Gvantsa Daraselia
Baya Dvalihvili
Tika Patsatsia
Nino Khoshtaria
Meri Gubeladze
Archil Sologhashvili
Dimitri Oboladze
Dato Turashvili
Nestan Nene Kvinikadze
Tamar Kvernadze
Tamar Koberidze
Maya Lomidze
Toma Chaladze

Assistant of producer
Mariam Khidirbegishvili

Mariam Shengelia
Rusudan Giorgadze
Keti Ratiani
Nia Tkeshelashvili
Maka Tskhvediani

Join us on Facebook: ”შუა დღე” რუსთავი 2-ზე     
email: shuadge@gmail.com


The Other Midday - 15.09.14

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The Other Midday - 09.09.14

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The Other Midday - 05.08.14

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