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Toma Chagelishvili

Toma Chageishvili began working on the documentary program "Georgia - Modern History" in January 2001 in Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company. 24 documentaries have been shot since then. Director of the documentaries - Demna Japaridze, journalist - Zaza Jgharkava.

High production documentary films gives the audience in depth look at the most interesting periods of Georgian modern history. Combining dramatic storyline and historical research, and using unique material including secret documents, rare photographs, seldom seen archival and TV footage, the films explore the most remarkable personas and striking events.

The audience witnesses the most interesting and dramatic episodes of Georgian history.

"Assassination of Ilia Chavchavadze", "Georgians in the World War II", "Georgians in Kremlin", "Capital Punishment", "Closed Circle(Tbilisi War)", "Last Days of Zviad Gamsakhurdia's Life", "Abkazian Trap", - this is only a small list of the documentaries produced and broadcasted by Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company.

Toma Chagelishvili’s new documentary trilogy Freedom in the Quest of Independence includes: On the Verge of Choice, Gangster Georgia and The Last Day of Sokhumi.

On the Verge of Choice. 1989, after seventy years of terrifying the whole world, Soviet Union collapsed. A new epoch began in Georgia. The whole country prepared for the fight for independence and freedom. Lots of previously unknown people headed this movement. They have gained respect, trust and love of the Georgian nation. History has brought them to make the 200 years old dream of the nation come true…

Gangster Georgia. 90ies of the twentieth century, Georgia is divided into districts brotherhood. Murders and skirmishes, hunger and gang rules. The mortal fight for the power reaches its culmination. One by one the main characters are disappearing from the arena. On 29th of August, 1995 came Eduard Shevardnadze’s turn…

The Last Day of Sokhumi. Surrounded Sokhumi and caught into a trap peaceful population. Unarmed ethnic Georgians vs. Abkhaz, Russian and Northern Caucasusian fighters. Fight for Power and abandoned Abkhazia. Toma Chagelishvili’s documentary will answer the question: Why did Sokhumi fall? Was it a treason? Why did not Ochamchire front with at least five thousand fully equipped soldiers help the surrounded town?

On the Verge of Choice
Gangster Georgia
Last Day of Sokhumi


Russian Party

On August 2008 Kremlin recognized independence of occupied territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Why does Russia want to split Georgia? What will the northern neighbour gain by Georgia’s weakness? Toma Chagelishvili’s new documentary tells us about the Five Days Russian-Georgian war and twenty years of Russian annexion. How did Georgia obstruct Russia’s interests in Caucasus and what are these interests? Find out answers to the questions in this documentary film. video clip

Theft of the Century

For the unique relic they managed to break code of the safe, switch off security system and erase recordings of the security camera. Gunned and masked people in military clothes tied two policemen and a commandant and stole masterpieces of European masters… See mystical adventures of Lucas Cranach’s Procuress grown into bloody fight in the new documentary of Toma Chagelishvili. It will reveal tabooed details of the investigation which lasted ten years. You will find out how Cranach’s masterpiece became fate of adventurers of all countries and epochs, what brings it mystic and magical power video clip

The Last Warriors of Gamsakhurdia

A column of tanks headed for Kutaisi from Senaki in midnight of 19 October 1998. Servicemen of the brigade from Senaki had a firm decision to begin the final battle to overthrow the government of Eduard Shevardnadze. The rebels were headed by the deputy head of the Senaki brigade of the ministry of Defense colonel Rezo Asamava and head of the special tasks group Saturn colonel Akaki Eliava. They plan to seize Kutaisi peacefully, block Rikoti pass and declare recovery of the government of Zviad Gamsakhurdia in the Western Georgia. Nobody in Kutaisi and Tbilisi could imagine waking up in a divided country. What were the plans of the rebels? How they were going to overthrow Shevardnadze's government and gain the power? Authors speak about this operation for the first time in the documentary. How and where did they plan the operation? Who were the leaders? All these questions have been secreted until now. What were the obstacles the last warriors of Gamsakhurdia? Why did not they manage to bring the plan into life? - It turns out that the rebels have had a real chance of gaining power. The real military forces of Eliava and the Government will be shown for the first time in the documentary. You will find detailed answers on all these questions in the new documentary of Toma Chagelishvili. video clip

Mystery of 9 April

Why the Security was misinforming Moscow? Who was interested in Patiashvili’s fiasco and complicating situation in Georgia? Why didn’t people listen to Patriarch of Georgia, who warned them of possible bloodshed? – documentary gives answers to these questions. You will see unique pictures of raiding of the rally – the most complete version of the video material shooted 18 years ago. video clip

South Ossetia

In the new film find out how South Ossetia was established and why Tskhinvali became capital of the artificially created South Ossetia, where Ossetians almost do not live. Apart from this, the documentary tells about the Georgian-Ossetian confrontation in 90ies. Why did Zviad Gamsakhurdia abolish the autonomious region in 1990? video clip


The real story about Meskhetia and Meskhians. Two-century`s history narrates about the people, known today as Meskhetian Turks. Film reconstructs the history of the nineteenth century, the anti-Georgian revolt in Meskhetia of early 1920-s and expatriation of more than 100 thousand people in Middle Asia, following the Stalin`s order in 1944. video clip

Meskhians (with English subtitles)

video clip

By the name of Gamsakhurdia

Assassination of president Shevernadze was planned by 21 supporters of the ex-president Zviad Gamsakhurdia. Who were these people – Georgian patriots, a grouping craving for revenge or ingenuous performers of a plan thoroughly elaborated in Kremlin? Though the 9 April operation seemed to be perfectly planned, Shevarnadze survived that night. Was Shevarnadze in the Mercedes car? Who sponsored the operation? What was going to follow Shevarnadze’s death? Who were the authors of the operation and what were their plans? Toma Chageishvili’s documentary reveals all these secreted facts and details. video clip

Khrushchov Must Die

On 13 December 1960 Chairman of Georgian Security Committee Alex Inaur signed a remarkable document requesting immediate arrest of an illegal group operating in Tbilisi. The order clearly stated the date and the name of the person against whom the act of terrorism was planned. It was General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchov. Why the terrorists were plotting to assassinate Nikita Khrushchov? What were the roots of their hatred? The documentary displays this secret conspiracy. Previously secreted unique video, photo material and unpublished documents provided by Security Committee are used in the film. video clip

1942 - Fascists Attack Caucasus

Fascists attack Caucasus in 1942, they even gain control over a Georgian village Pskhu. Lavrenti Beria, following order issued by Stalin, arrives in Georgia. How did the Caucasian defenders manage to stop expansion of the Germany military forces? The documentary tells us about the chronicle of the patriotic Caucasus resistant movement. video clip

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